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During this precious retreat time, I will be out touch for most of the year, therefore it is my hope that this website will serve as a means of staying connected with you. Please know that I will be holding all of you in my heart during this intensive retreat. I am well aware of our mental, emotional and worldly suffering and I will be praying for your wellbeing and health, and for the wellbeing of our shared home, planet Earth.

Heart to Heart connection

Please know that from November 19th 2020 and on, I will be meditating on and off the cushion in an intensive space. So know that when you meditate, I will be right there with you! Of course this website can serve as a means of communication, but don´t forget about our energetic connection and interdependance! We are more connected than we think, so feel free to connect on this intangible level as well.


*Newsletters might be sent during or post retreat to stay in touch and let you know all about this unique experience/experiment. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding. Big Love, Yeshe.


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